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22 November 2011, Saturday

Dear friends and associates,

RE: Release of Novel ACES HIGH @ 23 WALL STREET

Our team is very pleased to announce the release of ACES HIGH @ 23 WALL STREET the novel. “The Mafia-driven Wall Street had bankrupted Jim Hayes. Back from World War 2, he retrieved all he had lost.”

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Details of the novel are as follows.

ACES HIGH @ 23 WALL STREET by Alexander Solomon

ISBN: 978-9810859473

Project Summary:*F-A-M-E* ‘ze GREAT

Authored by Alexander Solomon

List Price: $17.30

Black & White on Cream paper

384 pages

Aces High @ 23 Wall Street

ISBN-13: 978-9810859473 ISBN-10: 9810859473

BISAC: Fiction / Action & Adventure

Wall Street’s top stockbroker Jim Hayes was implicated into dealings with Al Capone, the highly-feared Don of the Mafia underworld. He faced divorce and bankruptcy when the volatile New York Stock Exchange suffered a pre-World War 2 financial panic. Piloting the Mustang-51 warbird against the elusive Kamikaze fighters, Jim had blacked out during aerial battle. To retrieve all those he had lost – money, family and reputation – Jim Hayes must survive!

Release Date: 22 Nov 2011

Country of Release: Singapore

We hope you enjoy reading the novel as much as we have enjoyed publishing it.

Best regards, Ellysutra Sulaiman



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