Here the police on break, There the police at watch

Seriously, will the world bust away the mere sight of the grimacing police inspector, fresh out of the academy?

Article written by Ellysutra Sulaiman

That is the rookie cop.

And he is meant to draw salvation unto the crime ridden neighborhood, ala police recruitment campaigns?

With no experience, no ground knowledge, no intelligence and critically, no sharpened, attuned mindset not simply shaken by circumstances, stirred by spur of the moment, finger shivering at the trigger tip on Glock 0.19mm fully loaded; his only chance identifying his calling without fear or favor.

For in shorts, he may not be ‘Mr Jack Flash’, or as some may call ‘Johnny On The Spot’.

But naysay his deploy of handy streetcraft skills equipped with all possibly imagined disruptive technologies to deter a crime.

Exactly, had the people perceived him otherwise, away from his universal action of Will Smith’s ‘Bad Boys’ movie, onto the real accounts of legally warranted police work, people have been greviously wronged.


There in the backstreets laid frozen in time, an incumbent possibly empowered by ghostly protocols too slick, non-leaked even to the pin-drop precision of key witnesses from covert intelligence.

Plausibly reading off the Community Crime Index (CCI) like some community volunteers patrolling the streets performing routine beats exercising rights to personal defense, public duty of care and public restraint (arrest); the newsread as follows, “Today’s CCI shows Snatch Theft is declining down by 3 cases from last weekend’s 10 cases. Crime experts said this is mainly due to the media release by new mobile apps in the market with improved tracking capabilities to locating mobile phones and electronics devices. And up by 4 complaints this week are Noise Pollution post-10pm caused by skateboarders hanging outside the shopping malls after catching ‘live screenings’ of Street League Championship hosted by organiser Rob Derdyk..”

The public needed confidence and the more well informed they are of their neighborhood safety statistics, the more peace of mind they are rested with.

But that is just half of the story told.

What is quietly bubbling in the boiling cauldron of trouble are money laundering, cross border hooliganisms, illegal weapons smuggling, human trade, narcotics sophistications, global terror networking, religious occults sedition, commercial piracy, intellectual property contraventions and humanity moral erosions.

Dear God Almighty, please forgive our sins and save us from your wrath.

And so, the following form the legitimate drill in combating the situation.

The lists include highly-observed government statuettes and state ordinances, revised version of police orders, studies on criminal law, police general orders, standard operating procedures, rigorous investigation papers, community policing and high police presence.

All the above duties will be in Police Land Divisions, Criminal Investigations Department, Special Operations Command, Security Branch, Traffic Department and the STAR Team.

Somewhat, take for example in the Republic of Singapore, national level enforcements are delegated to The Singapore Police Force, Central Narcotics Bureau, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Manpower, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Internal Security Department and Singapore Customs.

In stepping up the game to world policing involvements from International Cooperation Department (ICD), Singapore has recently established the INTERPOL Singapore.

It is a designated point of contact on transnational police matters for the INTERPOL General Secretariat, INTERPOL regional offices and all INTERPOL member countries.

By serving as a gateway for the exchange of information, INTERPOL Singapore promotes cooperation and facilities communication between law enforcement agencies  in Singapore and their foreign counterparts.

Recently, the INTERPOL World Forum on 14-16 April 2015 was held in Singapore; an event consisting of 3 days of Expo and Congress aimed to create a platform for the security industry, law enforcement and government agencies to greater partnerships and continuous innovation of systems advancements.

Over 8,000 participants and 200 companies from 30 countries were involved in the forum that focused on emerging security challenges namely, border management, cybercrime, safe cities and supply chain management.

INTERPOL President Mireille Ballestrazzi quoted, “INTERPOL World provides a unique opportunity to mobilize countries, international and regional organizations, and public and private partners, by sharing expertise and experiences, and thereby identify and develop innovative initiatives against global security challenges.”

Meanwhile on the deployment grounds, an officer is on guard as he covers for another officer taking his break.

Perpetually, security is at watch.

The writer has experiences working with Singapore Police Force, Soverus Security, Phillip Securities, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Strumm’s Entertainment.


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