Communication is a Manager’s Trump Card

Instructional lines of communication could complicate delivery of service, if not in consonant with scheduled timelines.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

Entrepreneurs, PMEBs and Managers are categorized to acquire standard communications and intra-personal skill-sets, added with an identifiable ‘sense of importance’ to delegate messages across to recipients.

Failure in requirement leads to a ‘who says what’ situation.

One who is equipped with communications levels that enables satisfactory concurrence with reliability and effectiveness from work subordinates, is said to be a minimum operational leader.

Anything that which charismatically moves mountains and takes clouds off the skies is even better – a gifted, oratorical leader.

During dismounting moments, managers may find themselves at loggerheads with ground level staff in circumstances referred as ‘chicken and duck’.

And then the Asian colloquial repertoire goes, “How can you compare apples to oranges.”

Automated responses to inaccessible issues by causation duress and ‘fraudulent slips’ may continually materialize into unnecessary security risks.

A single misinformation may ripple effect to a massive repercussion.

A mistake would mean hundreds and thousands in monetary losses by discrepancies in production.

So just how can one tell them when a manager’s instructions carry weight or otherwise encounter credibility issues?

The programmable approach to a manager is of utmost importance; some of which may filter through considerable bureaucracies.

Every organization operates by a standard set of communication infrastructure ultimately aimed to unleash impactful messages from normative forms.

It also applies an ‘amoebic effect’ upon the manager, when communication breaks down or communication blacks out, due to unparalleled communications scenarios.

The proxy solution to the problem needs to be economically conducive.

Communication leadership is based on visions. And visions need to be interpreted onto workable templates.

Subsequently, returns from value chains of communications will have to portray a technical feat humanly accomplishable.

It is unrealistic to process critical consensus without certain existence of risks, but past experiences could undermine the true reflections of proper accountings derived from an exchange in communication.

To hear it ‘straight from the horses mouth’ equates to gathering data from experimental results for regulatory enforcements.

One has to keep the communication lines tightly secured.

These days, nurturing future leadership talents need account the factors of role plays based on the state of varying comprehensible degrees.

Meagre results based on the character backgrounds gathered from the existing pool of management trainee potentials may point to possible sub-standard expectations – their inexperienced handling of real life cases, inability to conform with equitable meritocracy and incapacitated responses to Marchevellian-styled administrations.

Nevertheless, these instances of multiple role plays however fail to achieve milestones that are quantifiable, taxable and non-deficiting – in tangible forms unless digitized speech-to-credits system is created.

Operable remoteness of communication without proper empowerment equates to implanting efficient vitality for an organizational success – less words spoken, more work done.

A perfect manager who earns the Trump card is almost elusive, but a communication message that disseminates across all departments with measurable returns is attainable.

~ AS

Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.


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