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Incoming problems at hand with blunt economic tool kits – assigning accounting jobs for corporate statistics experienced bottlenecks, as a subsequence.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

A surrealism. An objection. An addiction. A kaleidoscope of curiosity? No. The threshold of time exposure is self-subjected into a fused web of pain and confusion, groggily re-aligning shape to work schedule.
The records show during a board meeting.

Well, first things first – the problem personification – Huckleberry Finn is caught skiving while fishing for supper, when suddenly he must have choked on Peter’s party pickles to the very thought of Tom Sawyer running away with his ‘catch of the day’.

But will the board members catch the drift?


Then all at once, uncalled for glitches sprung from within the corporate body and eclipsed the problem diagnosis.

Even worse, an Avalanche of governance rules let loose, inevitably narrated, dictated and being ordered upon.

Wait. What is the problem again?

Sorry, no time to think. Instinct!

1. Flee or fight.
2. Mergers or acquisition.
3. Downsize or cost cutting.
4. Wait and see or fly by night.

Keep calm.
The CEO is level headed about this, not to take the blame and he is just about to.. when..
Unimaginable second-opinionated vetoes in the board room – a groundswell – no staff could articulate the pessimistic vibes – board members sleep over unfinished businesses to answer for another day.
Apparently, the fitness of a CEO’s skills of corporate governance is being put into check.

A breather.
Whatever the outcome, public announcements is in the making, possibly otherwise not awarded the front-page headlines, nor generating uninvited public attention.

Question is, for shareholder’s benefit, will fast response profit taking be pre-maturedly exercised or the wait-and-see approach will deliberate up-costing?

Either ways – to the fanfare of eyeballs-rolling, jaw-dropping market buzz – traders and fund managers need to grit through another trading day, for that legendary closure bearing the thumbs up.

An economic blackout beyond market-cornered business group holdings could occur in 2-3 years, according to sources.

78 percent of an optimism-stabilizing factor declines advances by the fast escalating rate of inflation and surmounting debt pressures (time-tested tactics repayment stimulus).

One good example, the volatility of investments into the Eurozone may be caused by a Competitive Intelligence (CI) deficit.

A new paradigm of furious trading exchanges drawn from commercial borrowing/lending activities, client-based procurement policies and financial design infrastructure is irreverent nor conclusive.

By early 2017, corporate governance post-common accounting laws could be left succumbing to a system of quantum mathematics that points to a whole new abundance of administering disruptive technologies.

The awakening of a new order has dawned upon unchartered geo-economies of manufacturing vital information and corporate data – a challenge for the CEO to manage.

Indeed, the CEO is chief-de-mission to a corporate R&D entourage.
For it is, what it is.

And the uproar – thick mugs clanging over lunch bars spun the long and short hands on his watch – deliriously in simultaneous of fast forward and reverse.

Book keepers baffled by the tricky task of re-generating interests to systemize the mess and balancing the counter checks to test various angles and questionable perimeters of business engagements into a new order, from obstinate defiance and leaving puzzles unsolved; hence the financial implementations from impasse.

This situation – another thing still to consider in order to upgrade the entire systems – calls for a space-age revolutionary rocket model, in a brand new package.

Capped at an exceptional rate of demands and interests, this contemporary problem-solving approach could be a sizable attraction to leverage, through the barricades.

And the capacity for self-sustainability then becomes the novelty of the deal, in fact manifold trademarks.
Ultimately, this platform upon assertion per suggested, will either contract economic effect pre-ROI projections or it could trump more for trading advantage.

Take the storm elsewhere.
By retracing its own roots of problematic origins, other business avenues of unexpected demands tend to surface.

All the talk on reforming departments and streamlining operations within a company are but mere considerations of redefining orders – often encountering time lapses – with balance sheets that remains positively elusive.

Momentums of designing a financial climate is as credible to a CEO as it is to any lay men, so as to consult upon different point of references for shared awareness/accountability.

The system is in place, its stocks, warts and all.

Credit ratings for corporations within a specific industry then could be awarded not only for astronomical track records, but also for resilience levels during business operations that run on empty-capsuled time releases.
The CEO summons inspection trips to covering envoys and to sell company’s warrants, bonds, trust funds and equities by collating indices/guidelines of demands.

Cascading instructions is smoother across industries and regions, as more critical consensus emerge for audit itemizations.

On the legal juxtapose this CEO be surpassing, many realtime technical switches and defaults for further justifications and independent reviews, based on the applicable constitutions.

As organizations in Asia Pacific carves and bores the framework for countries like Australia, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore involving industries of Technology, Education, Agriculture and Oil & Gas whilst in Greater Asia, the time zone sets from Russia to Mongolia, Nepal, India and Afghanistan, ultimately into Turkey.

How far the banking and finance plans will segment and settle at crossroads before Forex business returns and other relevant trade & commerce stabilizes for the Eurozone, is yet to be viably market-driven.
For example in Luxembourg, per spoken in class during a law, economics and finance course, teaching every individual is important to us and has a part to play – which eventually adds up to an organisation’s overall business image.

9 in 10 do agree to this being an ideal choice of business principle, according to analysts.

In reality however, for example as taught in Helsinki’s Aalto University, the same business scenario highlights on campaigns like “Made in Aalto: Flying High with Angry Birds” that which invokes the question if the message is directed to provider or subscriber, that we all know.

Statistically, a wired tracking system to run businesses is a CEO’s winning formula – from running a business feud into episodic opportunities, and to intra-industrial exchanges of mutual benevolence and mastering best practices to supply chain and stockpiling, like never seen before.


Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.


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