Let There Be LIght: Leadership in Corporate Governance

From directional crises to realistic reforms, from serious repercussions to opportunistic infrastructures, economic turbulence through which an organization has evolved, has generated fresh leads.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

The rain has stopped, the storm has passed.

While 55% percent of stipulated conditions within the economy are variables, another 25% are fixed.

On average, the remaining 20% are unaccounted agendas succumbing from game changing values, otherwise subjected to the zero-sum theory.

Leadership thrust into corporate governance has picked up velocity and subsequently taken into substance, when implemented programs have shown good measures.

Hence, the price to pay for an economic recovery in form of transpositional median ranges spans from 6.2-8.4 on the scale of 10, albeit digressional circumstances.

The local mean rates difference by 1.6 closing index is seen comfortable, no show cause for trading panic until the board room announces quarterly results, when real corporate endeavors and actions are timely reflected.

Technology Change
Front running an organization which relies heavily on systems automation is steered towards another challenge – considering factors of gravitational inverts by power performances, development controls and cost metrics allocation – that are matters to parallel with natural demand/supply.

By June 2015, according to keen observers, global systems that periodically encounter key elements which corrode optimal performances when exposed to fluctuating markets, could eventually refer to newly drawn componential standing orders.

Gaps to allow free play of tectonically know-hows within industries and prone areas of mergers/acquisitions are reexamined on a higher step.

Best practices are overlapped onto orientational layouts.

All these economic swing methods, when elevating trade distributional policies are to assure not to conflict/inflate with the smooth conveyances and/through communication channels.

Problems arising from validating the business transactions at every point of sale embroiled within a corporate culture then becomes the corporate branding.

And no organization wants to illustrate a bad corporate image.

Time Zone or Zoom?
A new transparent concept for the incumbent clipped to ‘negotiating corners’ when driving the receivables network systems to/from undermining the bargaining parameters.

Consistently, a justified governance policy discloses only business terms to self-serve pro-profits objectives.

Until institutionalizing of the next cycle/ROI may take flight, the edgy future could be anticipated to not be as forgiving – a gambler’s distance in his lazy eyes onto the beaver and eager to show hands.

What austerity measures then to be uncertainty-defying – like sugar and cream advocates hushing in the pantry – to value of IT education, currency of data, state of net neutrality, franchise progressions and other technology-related sectors?

The worse case scenario for the CEO has bottomed out, survival buoys readily anchored and economy has loosen up.

Check again? ‘Twas a double ace. Lovin’ it enough?

Now.. swirling in between his long fingers and spinning in his hands, a ball of light on the #BookOfLegacy.. #ShoutOuts for readers.

~ AS

Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.


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