From Journalism into a Wasted Senior Career: a Medical/Pharmaceutical Alternative

Are we banking into a case study of what goes up, but does not come down?

By Alexander Solomon

The virtual emphasis onto fields of journalism has focused into new elevations of investigations.

For one, the outlook for legal/rights approaches upon the industry of medical/pharmaceutical – albeit advances in socio-technological uses in contrast to the usual practice of ‘spoon-and-swallow’ – has portrayed a much larger implication from the contemporary patterns of expenditure.

Considering the year 2014 prevailing annual income per household capita that varies across regions particularly in Asia, US and EU; this advent decade bearing revolutionary, breakthrough manufacturing promises a higher mortality rate, hence casting a brighter future from what past statistics had shown – bleak.

But not all that is exposed by A&P could raise expected results towards a guaranteed life expectancy, if the ‘responsible practice’ of proper advisories and dispensary consults are not reciprocated with committed adherence into applications, or otherwise equating to adverse repercussions.

The market could always conveniently depend upon the governing convene when monitoring what are best suited for the overall medical/pharmaceutical economic foray in regulating the supply and demand.

Still, medical/pharmaceutical industrialists could exercise per-needs-basis and drugs-on-demand that springs to modernizing advancements by operating trades within a myriad of local guidelines and international standards.

Consultations are meant to support diagnoses and define special circumstances to a properly-set delivery of treatment – in/out of trendy branding solutions ie. Pfizer, Prozac to name a few prevailing popular references – and global industry standards of campaigning for the ‘Green Frog’, ‘Eco-Friendly’ and ‘Saving GAIA’ earthy themes are inducted into current practice.

Question is, have the reassurance to ‘customer satisfaction’ been presented with an upheaval series of discerning development hits and misses, interesting day-to-day human experiences and highlighted professional malpractices?

Singapore and Malaysia playing forefront to the medical hubbing businesses within the ASEAN fraternity have demonstrated excellent authoritarian role with innovative industrial controls.

Universities, corporate industry leaders and research bodies from across various continents are also perpetually subjected to a rapid laboratory clockwork.

Eventually to address the issue at hand per subject heading – are the journalistic world totally blindsided to this equally stiff-competing sector of the economy, other than the extensive coverage across finance, banking, shipping, agriculture, O&G, F&B and others?

To illustrate the potentially blooming responses from readers and viable readership interests into the market situations, is merely downplaying consumership intellect to statistics-loaded and scientific-named industrial magazines/internal circulations; let alone the tailspin ‘Alice experience’ into the wonderful world of of e-commerce enterprises – questionable in hype, credibility and ratings.

The opportune exhilaration is not to be fractionally overlooked as timely response rates could existentially make or break the multi-billion dollar competition involving industrial players from the SMEs, MNCs and other government-aided fellowships.

Recently, Japan has introduced Space Food into the consumers market, but the problem is that readers in shortage of compulsory orientation, understanding of use, what more long-term applications.

Not a single decisions-driven intent here, but the true blood-thirsty editorials and hungry journalistic investigations have yet to materialize into a full-blown medical/pharmaceutical counter-buzz.

A new dawn is taking this medical/pharmaceutical industry, awakening within the very hands of everyday people who need to be made aware and responsible over their own personal health and well-being investments – an informed decision modus operandi – though mundane and meager in daily purchases yet assuringly cared by the relevantly designated journalistic operative.

On a personal basis, a mother’s concerned endeavor prepared the kitchen shelves fully-stocked with the endless range of preventive, rehabilitative and enhancements supplements – you name the lists – from vitamined circus animals-shaped poppies for the children cohort right up to the self-injected Botox for the age-defying mid-lifers bracket – for without doubt, ‘mom knows best’.


And for filial piety, the impressive job for developing generations to reciprocate, could be handling other aspects encompassing that recommended lifestyle ie. expenditure computation, brand strategizing, medical assets management, domestic/industrial governance, medical/pharmaceutical equities and industrial/manufacturing leverage buyouts.

The response rate to delving the dearth of this medical/pharmaceutical industry is as ‘tea and scones’ to any humanized, economizing journalist – squirmished in seats within heavily air-conditioned cubicles and color-blinding themselves blank-staring into laptop screen matrixes – considering impending avenues to justify procuring BYO professional advices from the vastly ready market, hence articulating for the helpless laymen the tiniest medical/pharmaceutical data comprehension into an overwhelming journalistic business support.

Perhaps, the HR departments have long missed the grim, cold whispered, lunch-missing board panels that will seriously review sprucing up journalistic talents from wasted senior careers.

And that scientist developer should now be sitting back, sipping Piña Colada on a hammock somewhere in a remote sand-castled island off Ilo Ilo, coconut leaves fan and banana boat tan included. Not in his Piña Colada, I mean.


Alexander Solomon is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked in Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp and Philip Capital.


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