CEO Statements | 28 March 2020, Saturday 

Facebook Published on Saturday, 28 March 2020
Dear Legionnaires,
It is our honor to announce ALEXANDER SOLOMON REPORT™ will serve in another media platform of OTT on YBCA TV and a new channel on Youtube.
We are actively recruiting resources into the production crew to prepare this major upgrade.
Here I wish to highlight another 2Ds: Disrupt & Derivatives to add onto our current Design & Deliver process systems order, and we project the winds over grounds Alexander Solomon manouvers shall pave for greater field findings.
Our best optimisms for the future remains steadfast with developing best talents in the company and strategic content for selective audienceship.
Especially to everyone whom has played turnkey roles with our in-house projects
YBCA TV©  and Mixed Healing Arts™, we offer you a toast to continual endeavors.
Along with a few other significant consulting mainstreams for industry icons, an international youth foundation, security and transportation development, Alexander Solomon opens venture into investible assets of the company.
Thank you for all supports we have received and best wishes for valiance in marching forth through the winds of Covid emergency in safe and protect.
Alexander Solomon


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