Genius Technology is Obsoletely Inferior to getting Smart

The pandemic lockdown caused from clustering opportunity costs of in-person events are leading to ‘live’ virtual competencies

by Alexander Solomon

As the saying, “You cant throw a curse, without taking a wrath” hibernates, so is the idiom of “Only fools rush in” implicates.

One may just sit around rant, about how times change to meaningless achievements over the months, as the year 2021 looms ahead beckoning the annual summary.

Alternatively, one may opt to fasten steadfastness to competency levels rated relevant to stay in the game, in remembrance of the name.

Have another review at the ancient wisdoms from myths and legends of The Atlas, yes, that one Greek god heaving the weight of the world upon his back.

Do you notice in his eyes from those glorifying statues of him, a pre-determined nuance locked down in grit against competing ideo-motors, or do you think the God is in universal sufferance, at levels beyond human, bereft even from a drip of divine miracles descended from heavens.

As life offers us two options at the fork of the road, there are two perspectives on each flipside toss to the same coin.


Move over.

In praise to ingenuity of that golden moment to grasp highly-rated essentials during state of decision making – the vivid illustrations from each defined details in subtleties of simulation with exquisite mental craftsmanship – the buffer of tolerance to improvise in progress remain pre-requisites to the procedures.

In absolution to re-engineering the physiological mechanics involved with withdrawal symptoms driven by smart systems, one immediately ‘experience’ and impasse to density of opportunities uplifted to wonders of 5G smart technology advancements, soon to be a ‘new normal’ as countries across the world adapt.

Singapore, greatly hit by the ongoing pandemic as it faces off with the worst economic recession since independence in year 1965, now have statistics proving its critical function in the fast-changing and effectively evolutionary world of smart technology and the industrial data drivers that starts projects blueprint onto proper footing.

A groundbreaking feat, onto the next episode.

Well equipped with regular process updates leading up to going ‘live’ in hybrid studios at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center for example, the ‘Monaco of the East’ nation plays a pivotal role being ‘gateway to Asia’ in the region’s MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions) as businesses are rapidly proving phenomenal successes with live promotions via event media centers.

Back onto the drawing board, the sense of deeper probes into other areas unexplored, or industries underperforming yet set into play onto discourse, are then justifiably mitigated.

In New York and Los Angeles, live events are fast projecting greater economic losses towards the year end, no discounting the rest of Asia, where event cancellations happened like the Singapore’s Grand Prix F1 annual race and Hong Kong’s debut International Yacht Show.

The clapper wins the cue.

Naturally for strategists in the events and TV industry accordingly to volume, jumping onto the bandwagon to competing demands and to create impactful statements during the time window when virtual events are best quasi-corporate resource-skills upgrading, is timely.

How Genius Technology helps the scenario is adverse to bleak expectations, if industry strategists are not trading hopes for the future of implementable in-person events – including the peripheral businesses like retail, hospitality, food and beverage and entertainment – in all reservations be budgeted well ahead in advance.

Unanticipated with readily available conveniences that comes along with accrediting mutual objectives, even cities like Macau, Tokyo and perhaps even Bangkok may like to emulate e-communications facility systems to multiple rebound businesses, as much sooner than later, to balance off those losses heavily indebted to finance ordeal brought by the pandemic.

Its no surprise.

We now set the picture perfect commercial advertisements storyboards on fire, starting tonight.


Alexander Solomon is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked in Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp and Philip Capital.


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