CEO Statements | 29 December 2020, Thursday


In all honesty, I hope the energy of the present offers encouragement meant for the servitude and betterment of every multi-disciplinary work scopes our company engages focus.

In all honesty, may every wants we have together pool in towards a common yearning for a faster, stronger and leaner ‘comeback year’, henceforth tops the resilience self-challenge we carve unto our own performance standards, in concurrence.

In time and in all sincerity too – all parties, stakeholders, associates and supporters of Alexander Solomon LLP – the truth we together re-design out of Year 2021 shall be the one that fights those Covid-19 blues away, so we can quickly get back on our feet again, and get busy.

That should be our key priority to take the work tools away from the tasks, sharpen up from rusts and get ready to identify use in its highest efficiency, when the job orders begin to roll back in line.

Our motto is simple, as we break forward and march in tempo, in time, “Watch out for each other. Help those whom taken a fall.”

Allow a moment to echo that thought, fanfare its manifest and the testimony that follows.

Best wishes from us to everyone, cool smiles behind those functional masks-terpieces and Ohh! Happy New Year 2021!

Alexander Solomon


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