The Full Moon Goddess Phenomena

Fullmoonology lauds return of the funk phenomena into familiar mix to grind for a successive struggle against COVID-19

by Alexander Solomon

As the saying goes “Normal is boring” – much to the alarm of health/medical innovators in trying hard to keep the practice all sugar and spice – Mixed Healing Arts™ an elite wellness program surprises the global industry with a unique clinical approach to assist struggles affront the public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The COVID-19 pandemic.

It surely shudders one to the very mention, as it invokes deep trauma.

Having been overstrained by the Clockwork Orange subliminal visuals on the news – TVs – posters – banners – LED walls – EVERYWHERE – and even to the unassuming some whom witnessed in person scores of body bags conveyed by HCW in ghastly PPEs non-DIY – yet another binary public health problem arose – mental.

Psychological side effects of anxieties, depressions, nervous breakdowns and other variants of grievous emotional disturbances, inevitably reigns one’s mind control.

Life in monochrome is punitive, visions in pandemic is catastrophic.

According to a National Research Foundation Singapore study where it was published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, “A cross-sectional survey of patients, caregivers, and HCWs at the National Cancer Centre Singapore was performed over 17 days during the lockdown. The Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 and Maslach Burnout Inventory were used to assess for anxiety and burnout, respectively. Self-reported fears related to COVID-19 were collected.”

“A total of 624 patients, 408 caregivers, and 421 HCWs participated in the study, with a response rate of 84%, 88%, and 92% respectively. Sixty-six percent of patients, 72.8% of caregivers, and 41.6% of HCWs reported a high level of fear from COVID-19. The top concern of patients was the wide community spread of COVID-19. Caregivers were primarily worried about patients dying alone. HCWs were most worried about the relatively mild symptoms of COVID-19. The prevalence of anxiety was 19.1%, 22.5%, and 14.0% for patients, caregivers, and HCWs, respectively. Patients who were nongraduates and married, and caregivers who were married were more anxious. The prevalence of burnout in HCWs was 43.5%, with more anxious and fearful HCWs reporting higher burnout rates.”

There is life.

Look up to the skies and see, and know the full moon goddess overlords no one – across sociographic stipulations that is capable of processing distillations of earthly and universal energies for healing – but herself.

Permeability rates which fluctuates from a scientific state to another, considers the cosmical weavings of one’s own choice, as one embarks onto the experiential journey into the multi-consciousness dense with cost metrics – and how concurrently other cost flexibilities and capacities been spent.

Magic or miracle, the ‘experience’ may seem supernatural.

This ‘lost and found’ game for the antidote to psychosis may possibly lurk in esoteric realms under the deep seas of mythical Atlantis kingdom or could it hover around the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Skeptics in active denial to the existence of alternative healings may have missed those very significant applications of what’s really essential, compulsory and supplementary.

That as they are cowered in parallel along the ‘new normal’ lifestyle of this millenia, that which been sworn in by the 3Ws mantra – Wear Your Masks, Wash You Hands, Watch Your Social Distance, the ruling tenses flow.

Do you know that the unbreakable spiritual bonds from one’s past is sacred?

‘Karma’ or it seems may otherwise be comprehended in the basic ‘Theory of Cause – Effect’, would be unimaginable for this present era to have sculptors glorifying majestic divine statues, all of which wearing clinical masks.

Digressing across any faiths, religions or beliefs – does a statue monument being a landmark timestamp for future visitations in references wearing bio-hazardous designs with oversized goggles, appeal to you?

A perfect example of monument in grandeur of true wisdoms of design prowess to cite is the Borodubur in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

It is an ancient megalithic structure of Buddhism faith, what according to Wikipedia is built in, “The monument’s three divisions symbolize the three “realms” of Buddhist cosmology, namely Kamadhatu (the world of desires), Rupadhatu (the world of forms), and finally Arupadhatu (the formless world). Ordinary sentient beings live out their lives on the lowest level, the realm of desire. Those who have burnt out all desire for continued existence leave the world of desire and live in the world on the level of form alone: they see forms but are not drawn to them. Finally, full Buddhas go beyond even form and experience reality at its purest, most fundamental level, the formless ocean of nirvana. The liberation from the cycle of Saṃsāra where the enlightened soul had no longer attached to worldly form corresponds to the concept of Śūnyatā, the complete voidness or the nonexistence of the selfKāmadhātu is represented by the base, Rupadhatu by the five square platforms (the body), and Arupadhatu by the three circular platforms and the large topmost stupa. The architectural features between the three stages have metaphorical differences. For instance, square and detailed decorations in the Rupadhatu disappear into plain circular platforms in the Arupadhatu to represent how the world of forms—where men are still attached with forms and names—changes into the world of the formless.”

Nirvana. That wow factor.

If there is any hint to how the master designer cascaded those concepts of verticals, then its the proof of evidence to the universal mind in all its abstract forms, the one which originates from the top denominator to the power of a single source code.

The Yogis believe that which ignites the biological brain by giving it life or even perhaps to awaken the genius within – depending on the ‘Highness of Spiritual’ glory – is the Crown Chakra.

Altogether, there are 7 Chakras.


One is now already VERY tempted to shop ALL episodes of the Marvel/DC crossover series?

In continuance to the Borobudur, ‘Stupas’ of various dimensions sprawled in sequence around the structure are sub-ranked accordingly in a hierarchical theme, from the pinnacle spreading out to every four corners of the monument.

That is good.

Have you been to Borodubur to savor in moments, lingering spiritualities in the air of the sacred site and the deep set eyes of natives hiding secrets of such DNA power.

Its also the concert site where Mariah Carey walked down the stone steps singing ‘Vision Of Love’.

Such architectural design and tangibly constructed in absence of modern construction technology is an impossible feat of ingenuity labored into reality.

Its a symbolic beacon of light that raises faith above the dark spirituality of the balancing pivot between the ‘present world’ and the ‘hereafter’, as some believe.

Would you then not agree “If life is a dream, it better not be a nightmare.”

Or on another note, “If life is a dream, how do you awaken it?”

Some people believe in the power of numerology, that every number is a story-inherent figure.

Therefore, just like the heart and the mind, the numerology theorizes year 2020 to have had both worlds be dissected and doctored for good.

Come 2021, if that theory was any accurate, one would then be offered an ‘entity of choice’ to drive that data.

If one would take any chance from the theory passed by in truth without salvage, the ‘data driver’ of one’s choice – not in bias or prejudice – would be in whose spirit format?

For example, one may alter ego in the vibes of Jennifer Lopez when the diva rules the stage, in the confidence of Sri Mulyani Indrawati when she addresses keynote speeches, in coziness of Hayley Williams barefooting the jam studios, in extraordinary speed of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price when she champions the Olympics or in the affirmative assert of Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez passing the ‘I am a Congresswoman’ statement to POTUS Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Its called, channeling.

Trust in the treatment.

Fullmonology’s practice from scratch through the test of time have actually spun generations of observers and worshippers.

If by destiny, one has found and chosen the private practice, then one is ready with open heartedness and free from any premeditated expectations.

Be ready to receive the treatment in aura of compassion, non-judgmental in disposition, non-fraudulent in deliverance, warm hospitality and most of all, in trust built to last.

As illustrated from the book Ancient Astronomical Observations and the Study of the Moon’s Motion (1691-1757) authored by John Steele that presents a detailed study of previously unexplored aspect of the history of astronomy, “The discovery of a gradual acceleration in the moon’s mean motion by Edmond Halley in the last decade of the seventeenth century led to a revival of interest in reports of astronomical observations from antiquity. These observations provided the only means to study the moon’s ‘secular acceleration’, as this newly-discovered acceleration became known. This book contains the first detailed study of the use of ancient and medieval astronomical observations in order to investigate the moon’s secular acceleration from its discovery by Halley to the establishment of the magnitude of the acceleration by Richard Dunthorne, Tobias Mayer and Jérôme Lalande in the 1740s and 1750s. Making extensive use of previously unstudied manuscripts, this work shows how different astronomers used the same small body of preserved ancient observations in different ways in their work on the secular acceleration. In addition, this work looks at the wider context of the study of the moon’s secular acceleration, including its use in debates of biblical chronology, whether the heavens were made up of æther, and the use of astronomy in determining geographical longitude. It also discusses wider issues of the perceptions and knowledge of ancient and medieval astronomy in the early-modern period.”

Many studies have shown the graphics and illustrations of the moon trajectory, as it beams.

So far, we have observed whatever responses that came along, but alas time is at a constraint as to how the statistics defy the insolence of figurative relevance until numbers shown have proven otherwise.

MHA© R&D projects the Full Moon Goddess.

The idea to spring this project was mooted when the COVID-19 pandemic surge higher on the number of confirmed case around the world in absence of any positive indications for quick recovery.

Recognizing the distress levels, MHA© opened invitation to a handful of research fellowship into the universal fraternity, meant to first hand experience and core study skills upon time windows exposed to trajectories of the the full moons.

Namely, the July Strawberry Moon, the August Sturgeon Moon, the September Full Corn Moon, the October Full Hunter Moon and Full Blue Moon, the November Beaver Moon and the December Full Cold Moon.

The study had been conducted with representatives in kind from countries in every continents of the world and from the cross section of society’s working class at every levels.

Methodology in dispense of this practice project was one of social media self re-introduction, lunar philosophy reading and listening materials, adopting serious aptitudes in approach of the full moon time window, deliberate effort against falling asleep (shown very good commitment in almost all representatives) for augmented cosmical connection and mental elimination of undesirable thoughts during contemplation.

From observances, the project derives greater learning curves in the representatives.

They managed to gain a more acute sense of self belonging, in other words, a greater sense of self caring and self appreciation.

Levels of stresses caused by the Covid-19 have also shown to be better managed.

Numerous representatives have also shown enhanced relationships with their loved ones, as evident from their lesser compulsions to time spent before the mirrors, taking selfies, singing tunes in reminisce of their school days, long periods in the showers and other peculiar habits like, taking photos of their meal plates, taking selfies with their annoyed pet cats and puppies in their caresses, and endless livestream sharing of tips and secrets with beauty, fashion and health.

Apparently, secrets well kept.

All those have improved.

It made appear the interim mental escapisms from the gruesome phobias with COVID-19.

Provisions of indicators into the next lap of this health transformational path is going to indemnify deeper proliferation and another chosen four pillared habitual approach to hang hopes into deeper probes and findings into the dearth of the subject.

As noticed from test implementation on the grounds, the real glimpses of recovery from pandemic is still a far fetched sighting on time scales.

The grind is here to stay to the tune of vaccines arrivals, but not the promises of full recovery.

Until attainable goals with the current health applications are tangibly measurable, the virus hides in cloak of invisibility as questions remain in doubt if this human ordeal will erode from control to total non-exercisable in illogical plausabality.

In recognizing the fiscal policies adopted into a few macro-economic resolutions and in furtherance to efforts by MHA as a performing asset in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, the wellness program have made final preparations to embark on a ‘New Program, New Journey’ to drive dedicated systems and raise results for a higher indomitable public physiological infrastructure.


Alexander Solomon is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked in Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp and Philip Capital. Mixed Healing Arts™ or MHA© is an elite wellness program which comprises of his past trained experiences from the special ops paramilitary, national rowing team, premium spa services and thesis on luxurious spirituality – he is the Founder-Lifecoach.


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