There’s Something Between Us About Bhinneka Tunggal Eka

Worlds apart into a single frequency may just add up another Youtuber’s decade in public broadcast career

by Alexander Solomon

‘Bhinneka Tunggal Eka’ is prominently the official national motto of Indonesia; the phrase in Old Javanese translates as “Unity in Diversity”.

Youtube has done a great job, so let’s hear it for those account holders taking out onto such a platform, which is on the advantage of regularity with airing opinions to fly in a zip.

The pivotal aftermath in the going as it gets tough in bonding differences, especially under disheveled pandemic circumstances, is ticking much fear against re-centering avails between choosing to comprehend the phrase from amongst a thousand others or in comprehending the same phrase a thousand times over.

Time chases, as space races.

Nobody believes the changes in the diversity they witness, as they pitch forth a miracle situation from the ‘Zero to Hero’ experience that of an e-gamer – a bullied-prone nerd on the street but a freak of a warrior on livestream.

Under doubt within the Coronavirus non-compliant asymptomatic zones, the practice is highly not recommended for rookies without proper supervisions.

Lift an eyebrow to the mimicry, “Don’t try this at home”.

Where is Mathematician, professor, hedge fund analyst and data scientist Cathy O Neil when we need her most, to demonstrate learning as on her Bloomberg columns recounting personality type examples in Stacey Adams and Sarah Connor?

They call her ‘Maths Babe’.

Bottled up fear and other pop-up negative emotions off the shelves should not be a hindrance from the view of shopping customers choice in finding made-to-measure alter-egos to their chosen personal brandings.

‘Sold when broken’ is no mixologist lament to a drunkard but on what grounds?

Diversity from the ‘white noise’ should consider beyond just mental specifications in a specific state of being, but it must also include extraordinary spiritual experiences into the eco-existentialism.

Even the issue of ‘flour power’ may have infringed intellectual rights rules that prim and proper rigor is taken into contest.

Adopt the mission on a stance of working out the differences to that one opportunity into the joy of discovery – how shocking the revelations are – as long as the question hooks onto hopes for the answers on the same channel of audienceship.

Bunker jokes aside, the stage is set into perform-worthy what viva vibes don’t just sit around addressing nobody’s livelihood concerns.

Enough minding.

Only left having been zoom identify with are needs to expedite return to rights of personal expressions, in diversity and in the spotlight amongst other fan fiction sci-fi callsigns like the Millenium Falcon, Super Star Destroyer, X-Wing Fighter.

Diversity is straight up.

Diversity is no broken foot holding.

The best part where the narratives build up and be given cusps onto just about any sound justifications a system can get, would be to rally hours of nail biting sessions and eye-rolling over to fresh canvasses into fine masterpieces, one gets to holding on.

With every cycle of guarding interests, there is academia to cluster hopes buckled to baselines of excellence, as evident in the keynote speech made by Malaysian student Lisa Kamal during the University of Wisconsin-Madison graduation ceremony Y2019.

In summary to re-defining diversity to swapping time with a small two cents worth slot for a giant jackpot rainmaking from the future, its good to remind the AI-receivables are fast spinning, the payables content management timelines are more exquisitely SEO-matched and fairly more acute sense into Youtube’s every Press-Button-Start.


Alexander Solomon is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked in Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp and Philip Capital. 


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