Company News | World YBCA – ICCN Zoom Meeting

World YBCA expresses appreciation to Ms Elmi CK Ong, Korwill Sumatera (NAD, Sumut, Kepri & Babel) for Zoom meeting recently held covering agenda on digital technology, environmental concerns, startups impact to change management and future roadmaps within the immediate region.

ICCN is Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN) is an organizational node that is committed to realizing the 10 Principles of Creative Cities and to advancing in Indonesia, by conducting research and development to foster economic development with a creativity engine in the form of creative and innovative ideas which are suppported by complete institutional infrastructure in the involvement of pentahelix elements, business, community and media, as well as the support of quality and modern digital infrastructure.

World YBCA is a social enterprise with youth development programs and assistance outreach to youth beneficiaries in scopes of academics, enterprise, gigs, games and travel. The project initiated with interests for 52 nations of Asia and now with its e-TV media support and finance enterprise platform, the project highlights coverage for youths from all countries around the world.

More information from ICCN at Link to World YBCA on


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