Swift | 12 April 2022, Tuesday

The company has witnessed significant results from progresses made after following MNC Group Investor Forum 2021 hosted by Bpk Hary Tanoesoedibjo, chairman MNC Group.

Commenting during dialogue with the Minister of State Owned Enterprise, Bpk Erick Thohir at the forum , the chairman MNC Group quoted, “Its very amazing that we have transformed the state-owned enterprises to become the middle of the leading factors in the economic recovery. Maybe if I can share something? It may need also to use state-owned enterprises to become the Godfather for SME, small to medium enterprises, so that they can grow faster also. Because what I believe is they can grow faster they become middle class or become middle up, then they can become the productive engine to build the economy together, with the big boys and also the state-owned enterprises themselves. Well, I think in Indonesia they always call it the Bapa Angkat. That is all my input because we need more companies that can build Indonesia.”

We are of the opinion that fundamentals may now alter the bridges made pre-existent within markets to spur sufficient industry volatility for profit-taking during concurrent prime time when metaverse is the latest fad in town.

Therefore, the re-definition of skillsets required for the work today and future of work is identifiably significant for big data management and data attribute association to effect the mid and long term investors decision-making processes.


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