An enterprise or propaganda to social contract management?

In dissect at every levels, you start your entitlement to decide wait and see or to dictate. by Alexander Solomon Facebook Published Saturday, 18 July 2020 at 07.37   Numerous banking systems ie. Unicredit, Deutsche, Commonwealth are aligned to operate the fund, capital and assets economy and susceptible omissions may lead to the ‘Only FoolsContinue reading “An enterprise or propaganda to social contract management?”

CEO Statements | 28 March 2020, Saturday 

Facebook Published on Saturday, 28 March 2020   Dear Legionnaires,   It is our honor to announce ALEXANDER SOLOMON REPORT™ will serve in another media platform of OTT on YBCA TV and a new channel on Youtube. We are actively recruiting resources into the production crew to prepare this major upgrade. Here I wish toContinue reading “CEO Statements | 28 March 2020, Saturday “

Project USD$11.2 Billion for #OMG Fashion Show Runway

Will profits turnover of brands and fashion ‘soar among the stars’ like they ‘soak up the sun’? by Alexander Solomon In the future, the latests designs could have arrived for another change of seasons on dizzying fanfares – from staging those needing models that preen with mobile phones to e-banners orchestrations, to phenomenal models flailingContinue reading “Project USD$11.2 Billion for #OMG Fashion Show Runway”

From Journalism into a Wasted Senior Career: a Medical/Pharmaceutical Alternative

Are we banking into a case study of what goes up, but does not come down? By Alexander Solomon The virtual emphasis onto fields of journalism has focused into new elevations of investigations. For one, the outlook for legal/rights approaches upon the industry of medical/pharmaceutical – albeit advances in socio-technological uses in contrast to theContinue reading “From Journalism into a Wasted Senior Career: a Medical/Pharmaceutical Alternative”

Let There Be LIght: Leadership in Corporate Governance

From directional crises to realistic reforms, from serious repercussions to opportunistic infrastructures, economic turbulence through which an organization has evolved, has generated fresh leads. By Ellysutra Sulaiman The rain has stopped, the storm has passed. While 55% percent of stipulated conditions within the economy are variables, another 25% are fixed. On average, the remaining 20%Continue reading “Let There Be LIght: Leadership in Corporate Governance”

@crossroadsCEO : Public Announcement #waitandsee #flybynight

Incoming problems at hand with blunt economic tool kits – assigning accounting jobs for corporate statistics experienced bottlenecks, as a subsequence. By Ellysutra Sulaiman A surrealism. An objection. An addiction. A kaleidoscope of curiosity? No. The threshold of time exposure is self-subjected into a fused web of pain and confusion, groggily re-aligning shape to workContinue reading “@crossroadsCEO : Public Announcement #waitandsee #flybynight”

Corporate Leadership Fails: Risk Averse or Advantage

Could an organizational symbolic gesture be an epic to emulate – by serious entrepreneurs, traditional businesses or even skeptical financial experts – considering it a corporate culture? By Ellysutra Sulaiman Throughout year 2010, every single day without fail, CEO of Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg donned a tie in public, in swap his hooded campus sweater.Continue reading “Corporate Leadership Fails: Risk Averse or Advantage”

Asia In A Doubtful Future

Differing school of thoughts could singularize a major into Asia’s future or a mojo out the technology-driven economic slums. By Ellysutra Sulaiman Come Sunday, Greece’s stand to bailout from the EU will surface, either on the basis of available options to refinance the €317 billion debt, or succumb to considerations aligning an economy by itsContinue reading “Asia In A Doubtful Future”

No Warnings from Cyber Attacks

In the design of embedded security systems functioning to be assets not liabilities, the permitted triage projections needs surpass product beneficiary performance, otherwise deprecating the systems sustainable rating. By Ellysutra Sulaiman If at all global IT security professionals are anticipating a major blowout to the incumbent security challenges, there is strong likelihood they may beContinue reading “No Warnings from Cyber Attacks”

Communication is a Manager’s Trump Card

Instructional lines of communication could complicate delivery of service, if not in consonant with scheduled timelines. By Ellysutra Sulaiman Entrepreneurs, PMEBs and Managers are categorized to acquire standard communications and intra-personal skill-sets, added with an identifiable ‘sense of importance’ to delegate messages across to recipients. Failure in requirement leads to a ‘who says what’ situation.Continue reading “Communication is a Manager’s Trump Card”