Company News | ASR – “Petualang Nusantara” Zoom Meeting

Archipelago ancient maritime e-commerce project “Petualang Nusantara” trans. “Archipelagean Adventures” by Alexander Solomon Report congratulates the following participants into the esteemed project discussions. [Top left clockwise] Ms Suhaily Abdul Hamid, Iskandar Regional Development Authority, Malaysia. 2. Mr. Ellysutra Sulaiman @ Alexander Solomon, Alexander Solomon Report, Singapore 3. Ms Elmi CK Ong, Matahati, Indonesia 4. MrContinue reading “Company News | ASR – “Petualang Nusantara” Zoom Meeting”

Ticker | 8 November 2021, Monday

Alexander Solomon Records plans low-key private pool natural healing music-listening party to lucky pick invite Leon Panetta, but sees no point to engage showboating jocks mixing R&B series “Irreplaceable” with “Bonnie & Clyde” tracks, nor just any jock rapper’s fresh 16-liner loverboy dabbles into “September” boogie remixes.