There’s Something Between Us About Bhinneka Tunggal Eka

Worlds apart into a single frequency may just add up another Youtuber’s decade in public broadcast career by Alexander Solomon ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Eka’ is prominently the official national motto of Indonesia; the phrase in Old Javanese translates as “Unity in Diversity”. Youtube has done a great job, so let’s hear it for those account holders takingContinue reading “There’s Something Between Us About Bhinneka Tunggal Eka”

Press Release | 12 December 2020, Saturday

STATEMENT BY THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF ALEXANDER SOLOMON LLP MR ALEXANDER SOLOMON ON MIXED HEALING ARTS™ TEAM PROJECT SHARES Alexander Solomon LLP in support to fight for stronger world health recovery from the current world pandemic, progresses the wellness and lifestyle project of Mixed Healing Arts™ or MHA©, to a new milestone with teamContinue reading “Press Release | 12 December 2020, Saturday”

Genius Technology is Obsoletely Inferior to getting Smart

The pandemic lockdown caused from clustering opportunity costs of in-person events are leading to ‘live’ virtual competencies by Alexander Solomon As the saying, “You cant throw a curse, without taking a wrath” hibernates, so is the idiom of “Only fools rush in” implicates. One may just sit around rant, about how times change to meaninglessContinue reading “Genius Technology is Obsoletely Inferior to getting Smart”