There’s Something Between Us About Bhinneka Tunggal Eka

Worlds apart into a single frequency may just add up another Youtuber’s decade in public broadcast career by Alexander Solomon ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Eka’ is prominently the official national motto of Indonesia; the phrase in Old Javanese translates as “Unity in Diversity”. Youtube has done a great job, so let’s hear it for those account holders takingContinue reading “There’s Something Between Us About Bhinneka Tunggal Eka”

The Full Moon Goddess Phenomena

Fullmoonology lauds return of the funk phenomena into familiar mix to grind for a successive struggle against COVID-19 by Alexander Solomon As the saying goes “Normal is boring” – much to the alarm of health/medical innovators in trying hard to keep the practice all sugar and spice – Mixed Healing Arts™ an elite wellness program surprisesContinue reading “The Full Moon Goddess Phenomena”

Press Release | 12 December 2020, Saturday

STATEMENT BY THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF ALEXANDER SOLOMON LLP MR ALEXANDER SOLOMON ON MIXED HEALING ARTS™ TEAM PROJECT SHARES Alexander Solomon LLP in support to fight for stronger world health recovery from the current world pandemic, progresses the wellness and lifestyle project of Mixed Healing Arts™ or MHA©, to a new milestone with teamContinue reading “Press Release | 12 December 2020, Saturday”

Genius Technology is Obsoletely Inferior to getting Smart

The pandemic lockdown caused from clustering opportunity costs of in-person events are leading to ‘live’ virtual competencies by Alexander Solomon As the saying, “You cant throw a curse, without taking a wrath” hibernates, so is the idiom of “Only fools rush in” implicates. One may just sit around rant, about how times change to meaninglessContinue reading “Genius Technology is Obsoletely Inferior to getting Smart”