An enterprise or propaganda to social contract management?

In dissect at every levels, you start your entitlement to decide wait and see or to dictate.

by Alexander Solomon
Facebook Published Saturday, 18 July 2020 at 07.37
Numerous banking systems ie. Unicredit, Deutsche, Commonwealth are aligned to operate the fund, capital and assets economy and susceptible omissions may lead to the ‘Only Fools Rush In’ mistake any day trader could make.
What started out as a contingency plan exercise in anticipate power shutdown occurrences during crucial ‘on air’ medium of operations for necessary measures and troubleshooting to apply, had nevertheless exposed another doors of risk to critical data loss/theft in privacy and vital/physical information.
CEOs like Bill Gates in Information Technology businesses would have a hefty sum paid up for such data processes into percentage allocation, in part/full whatsoever.
Fluctuating fluidity in consistency of data clout is in midst to run ‘out of class’ every dreadful opportunity made available unconditionally.
But mostly, R&D bears the costs of premium data from its ease of application and regularity in returns.
The sidetracking and data clustering concerns that follow are public reservations to disclosures procedures best assigned to regulate the numerous potentially inequitable sanctions.
Ultimately, the adjunct market assigns as it echoes through the nomination, for rights to aerial assets.
Accordingly ascertained, pre-trading of AI dockets ingrained within the seamless IOTs took its own run in time and place, and inter-mediate any counter-argues to the motion ‘over-exposure’.
You may see it half the glass full to addressing these last minute concerns at sense of urgency as a problem-solving demo the market driven economy responds in the current situation.
Good to know then, co-operating and co-managing variables in media buyouts based on market stigmas, as operations being ‘tear down and re-build’ partakes shape into warmest approach for a re-start to stalled talks steered towards incremental carbon footprint, if at all.”
Alexander Solomon is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked in Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp and Philip Capital.


CEO Statements | 28 March 2020, Saturday 

Facebook Published on Saturday, 28 March 2020
Dear Legionnaires,
It is our honor to announce ALEXANDER SOLOMON REPORT™ will serve in another media platform of OTT on YBCA TV and a new channel on Youtube.
We are actively recruiting resources into the production crew to prepare this major upgrade.
Here I wish to highlight another 2Ds: Disrupt & Derivatives to add onto our current Design & Deliver process systems order, and we project the winds over grounds Alexander Solomon manouvers shall pave for greater field findings.
Our best optimisms for the future remains steadfast with developing best talents in the company and strategic content for selective audienceship.
Especially to everyone whom has played turnkey roles with our in-house projects
YBCA TV©  and Mixed Healing Arts™, we offer you a toast to continual endeavors.
Along with a few other significant consulting mainstreams for industry icons, an international youth foundation, security and transportation development, Alexander Solomon opens venture into investible assets of the company.
Thank you for all supports we have received and best wishes for valiance in marching forth through the winds of Covid emergency in safe and protect.
Alexander Solomon

Project USD$11.2 Billion for #OMG Fashion Show Runway

Will profits turnover of brands and fashion ‘soar among the stars’ like they ‘soak up the sun’?

by Alexander Solomon

In the future, the latests designs could have arrived for another change of seasons on dizzying fanfares – from staging those needing models that preen with mobile phones to e-banners orchestrations, to phenomenal models flailing hands into the air, exposing wristarms.

Referring to the “Economic Impact of the Fashion Industry” a report by the Ranking Democrat Carolyn B. Maloney for the Joint Economic Committee, United States Congress, which stated according to the New York City Development Corporation (NYCEDC), up to 900 fashion companies headquartered in New York City, the largest retail market in the country with over $15 billion in annual sales, a significant business off the global $1.2 trillion worth of fashion industry.

“Dance and skip your hen partay in PJs and your Jimmy Choo
Stretch like you just don’t care with JPG and your Versace
Swing your LVs
Sway the Levi’s
Quick-turn to your Lo’reals
Wink and go bye, bye, bye..” quote the writer

At present, the projected R&D expenditure by High-Fashion Houses for next autumn/winter could somehow have anticipated how to accommodate the recognitive design standards, ethics and practises, that which also include sound marketing initiatives per demonstrated by the assigned/consigned designers.

Some questions arose from amongst industry speculators if a projected $11.2 Billion amount of investments into Avant Garde or Photographic, for near-futuristic fashion festivals in the big four – New York, Milan, London and Paris – be donned by major subscribership to motion graphics flashing and squirming on experimental materials; amongst else be possibly explored in Singapore, an platonic fashion state within Asia anticipating grips of high-margin orders for technotronic designs.

The latter within nearby regions, are Asian-implied fashion senses of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia and Bangladesh.

Perhaps, even suggestive runway shows that display ‘live’ ratings on audience responses to the likes of #OMG #LOL #CoolKids #CrazySexyCool.

But designers; youthful entry levels and insightful experts alike, may still ‘lack soul to have it sold ‘ – hence the style, market and retail.

Fashion TVs also seem to generate viewing trends based on designs in stocks – psychedelic, primacy, sci-fi or couture – as top models pre-awarded with the chance cards to catwalk the most glamourous runways, channel to the ‘air’ accordingly themed to the show.

The recommendations for this season from federal fashion world protocols are predicted to go either ways – on the branded classics or those which flow in parallel with colour concepts and alignment values.

True blue, red hot, pink of health, evergreen and what have you in the scheme of codes, a discerning society communicates the game of body language in fashionable ways, it has to be seen to be believed, as streetwalkers sashay down the golden mile.

Bring in the noise, this is the season to get loud.


Alexander Solomon is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked in Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp and Philip Capital.

From Journalism into a Wasted Senior Career: a Medical/Pharmaceutical Alternative

Are we banking into a case study of what goes up, but does not come down?

By Alexander Solomon

The virtual emphasis onto fields of journalism has focused into new elevations of investigations.

For one, the outlook for legal/rights approaches upon the industry of medical/pharmaceutical – albeit advances in socio-technological uses in contrast to the usual practice of ‘spoon-and-swallow’ – has portrayed a much larger implication from the contemporary patterns of expenditure.

Considering the year 2014 prevailing annual income per household capita that varies across regions particularly in Asia, US and EU; this advent decade bearing revolutionary, breakthrough manufacturing promises a higher mortality rate, hence casting a brighter future from what past statistics had shown – bleak.

But not all that is exposed by A&P could raise expected results towards a guaranteed life expectancy, if the ‘responsible practice’ of proper advisories and dispensary consults are not reciprocated with committed adherence into applications, or otherwise equating to adverse repercussions.

The market could always conveniently depend upon the governing convene when monitoring what are best suited for the overall medical/pharmaceutical economic foray in regulating the supply and demand.

Still, medical/pharmaceutical industrialists could exercise per-needs-basis and drugs-on-demand that springs to modernizing advancements by operating trades within a myriad of local guidelines and international standards.

Consultations are meant to support diagnoses and define special circumstances to a properly-set delivery of treatment – in/out of trendy branding solutions ie. Pfizer, Prozac to name a few prevailing popular references – and global industry standards of campaigning for the ‘Green Frog’, ‘Eco-Friendly’ and ‘Saving GAIA’ earthy themes are inducted into current practice.

Question is, have the reassurance to ‘customer satisfaction’ been presented with an upheaval series of discerning development hits and misses, interesting day-to-day human experiences and highlighted professional malpractices?

Singapore and Malaysia playing forefront to the medical hubbing businesses within the ASEAN fraternity have demonstrated excellent authoritarian role with innovative industrial controls.

Universities, corporate industry leaders and research bodies from across various continents are also perpetually subjected to a rapid laboratory clockwork.

Eventually to address the issue at hand per subject heading – are the journalistic world totally blindsided to this equally stiff-competing sector of the economy, other than the extensive coverage across finance, banking, shipping, agriculture, O&G, F&B and others?

To illustrate the potentially blooming responses from readers and viable readership interests into the market situations, is merely downplaying consumership intellect to statistics-loaded and scientific-named industrial magazines/internal circulations; let alone the tailspin ‘Alice experience’ into the wonderful world of of e-commerce enterprises – questionable in hype, credibility and ratings.

The opportune exhilaration is not to be fractionally overlooked as timely response rates could existentially make or break the multi-billion dollar competition involving industrial players from the SMEs, MNCs and other government-aided fellowships.

Recently, Japan has introduced Space Food into the consumers market, but the problem is that readers in shortage of compulsory orientation, understanding of use, what more long-term applications.

Not a single decisions-driven intent here, but the true blood-thirsty editorials and hungry journalistic investigations have yet to materialize into a full-blown medical/pharmaceutical counter-buzz.

A new dawn is taking this medical/pharmaceutical industry, awakening within the very hands of everyday people who need to be made aware and responsible over their own personal health and well-being investments – an informed decision modus operandi – though mundane and meager in daily purchases yet assuringly cared by the relevantly designated journalistic operative.

On a personal basis, a mother’s concerned endeavor prepared the kitchen shelves fully-stocked with the endless range of preventive, rehabilitative and enhancements supplements – you name the lists – from vitamined circus animals-shaped poppies for the children cohort right up to the self-injected Botox for the age-defying mid-lifers bracket – for without doubt, ‘mom knows best’.


And for filial piety, the impressive job for developing generations to reciprocate, could be handling other aspects encompassing that recommended lifestyle ie. expenditure computation, brand strategizing, medical assets management, domestic/industrial governance, medical/pharmaceutical equities and industrial/manufacturing leverage buyouts.

The response rate to delving the dearth of this medical/pharmaceutical industry is as ‘tea and scones’ to any humanized, economizing journalist – squirmished in seats within heavily air-conditioned cubicles and color-blinding themselves blank-staring into laptop screen matrixes – considering impending avenues to justify procuring BYO professional advices from the vastly ready market, hence articulating for the helpless laymen the tiniest medical/pharmaceutical data comprehension into an overwhelming journalistic business support.

Perhaps, the HR departments have long missed the grim, cold whispered, lunch-missing board panels that will seriously review sprucing up journalistic talents from wasted senior careers.

And that scientist developer should now be sitting back, sipping Piña Colada on a hammock somewhere in a remote sand-castled island off Ilo Ilo, coconut leaves fan and banana boat tan included. Not in his Piña Colada, I mean.


Alexander Solomon is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked in Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp and Philip Capital.

Let There Be LIght: Leadership in Corporate Governance

From directional crises to realistic reforms, from serious repercussions to opportunistic infrastructures, economic turbulence through which an organization has evolved, has generated fresh leads.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

The rain has stopped, the storm has passed.

While 55% percent of stipulated conditions within the economy are variables, another 25% are fixed.

On average, the remaining 20% are unaccounted agendas succumbing from game changing values, otherwise subjected to the zero-sum theory.

Leadership thrust into corporate governance has picked up velocity and subsequently taken into substance, when implemented programs have shown good measures.

Hence, the price to pay for an economic recovery in form of transpositional median ranges spans from 6.2-8.4 on the scale of 10, albeit digressional circumstances.

The local mean rates difference by 1.6 closing index is seen comfortable, no show cause for trading panic until the board room announces quarterly results, when real corporate endeavors and actions are timely reflected.

Technology Change
Front running an organization which relies heavily on systems automation is steered towards another challenge – considering factors of gravitational inverts by power performances, development controls and cost metrics allocation – that are matters to parallel with natural demand/supply.

By June 2015, according to keen observers, global systems that periodically encounter key elements which corrode optimal performances when exposed to fluctuating markets, could eventually refer to newly drawn componential standing orders.

Gaps to allow free play of tectonically know-hows within industries and prone areas of mergers/acquisitions are reexamined on a higher step.

Best practices are overlapped onto orientational layouts.

All these economic swing methods, when elevating trade distributional policies are to assure not to conflict/inflate with the smooth conveyances and/through communication channels.

Problems arising from validating the business transactions at every point of sale embroiled within a corporate culture then becomes the corporate branding.

And no organization wants to illustrate a bad corporate image.

Time Zone or Zoom?
A new transparent concept for the incumbent clipped to ‘negotiating corners’ when driving the receivables network systems to/from undermining the bargaining parameters.

Consistently, a justified governance policy discloses only business terms to self-serve pro-profits objectives.

Until institutionalizing of the next cycle/ROI may take flight, the edgy future could be anticipated to not be as forgiving – a gambler’s distance in his lazy eyes onto the beaver and eager to show hands.

What austerity measures then to be uncertainty-defying – like sugar and cream advocates hushing in the pantry – to value of IT education, currency of data, state of net neutrality, franchise progressions and other technology-related sectors?

The worse case scenario for the CEO has bottomed out, survival buoys readily anchored and economy has loosen up.

Check again? ‘Twas a double ace. Lovin’ it enough?

Now.. swirling in between his long fingers and spinning in his hands, a ball of light on the #BookOfLegacy.. #ShoutOuts for readers.

~ AS

Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.

@crossroadsCEO : Public Announcement #waitandsee #flybynight

Incoming problems at hand with blunt economic tool kits – assigning accounting jobs for corporate statistics experienced bottlenecks, as a subsequence.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

A surrealism. An objection. An addiction. A kaleidoscope of curiosity? No. The threshold of time exposure is self-subjected into a fused web of pain and confusion, groggily re-aligning shape to work schedule.
The records show during a board meeting.

Well, first things first – the problem personification – Huckleberry Finn is caught skiving while fishing for supper, when suddenly he must have choked on Peter’s party pickles to the very thought of Tom Sawyer running away with his ‘catch of the day’.

But will the board members catch the drift?


Then all at once, uncalled for glitches sprung from within the corporate body and eclipsed the problem diagnosis.

Even worse, an Avalanche of governance rules let loose, inevitably narrated, dictated and being ordered upon.

Wait. What is the problem again?

Sorry, no time to think. Instinct!

1. Flee or fight.
2. Mergers or acquisition.
3. Downsize or cost cutting.
4. Wait and see or fly by night.

Keep calm.
The CEO is level headed about this, not to take the blame and he is just about to.. when..
Unimaginable second-opinionated vetoes in the board room – a groundswell – no staff could articulate the pessimistic vibes – board members sleep over unfinished businesses to answer for another day.
Apparently, the fitness of a CEO’s skills of corporate governance is being put into check.

A breather.
Whatever the outcome, public announcements is in the making, possibly otherwise not awarded the front-page headlines, nor generating uninvited public attention.

Question is, for shareholder’s benefit, will fast response profit taking be pre-maturedly exercised or the wait-and-see approach will deliberate up-costing?

Either ways – to the fanfare of eyeballs-rolling, jaw-dropping market buzz – traders and fund managers need to grit through another trading day, for that legendary closure bearing the thumbs up.

An economic blackout beyond market-cornered business group holdings could occur in 2-3 years, according to sources.

78 percent of an optimism-stabilizing factor declines advances by the fast escalating rate of inflation and surmounting debt pressures (time-tested tactics repayment stimulus).

One good example, the volatility of investments into the Eurozone may be caused by a Competitive Intelligence (CI) deficit.

A new paradigm of furious trading exchanges drawn from commercial borrowing/lending activities, client-based procurement policies and financial design infrastructure is irreverent nor conclusive.

By early 2017, corporate governance post-common accounting laws could be left succumbing to a system of quantum mathematics that points to a whole new abundance of administering disruptive technologies.

The awakening of a new order has dawned upon unchartered geo-economies of manufacturing vital information and corporate data – a challenge for the CEO to manage.

Indeed, the CEO is chief-de-mission to a corporate R&D entourage.
For it is, what it is.

And the uproar – thick mugs clanging over lunch bars spun the long and short hands on his watch – deliriously in simultaneous of fast forward and reverse.

Book keepers baffled by the tricky task of re-generating interests to systemize the mess and balancing the counter checks to test various angles and questionable perimeters of business engagements into a new order, from obstinate defiance and leaving puzzles unsolved; hence the financial implementations from impasse.

This situation – another thing still to consider in order to upgrade the entire systems – calls for a space-age revolutionary rocket model, in a brand new package.

Capped at an exceptional rate of demands and interests, this contemporary problem-solving approach could be a sizable attraction to leverage, through the barricades.

And the capacity for self-sustainability then becomes the novelty of the deal, in fact manifold trademarks.
Ultimately, this platform upon assertion per suggested, will either contract economic effect pre-ROI projections or it could trump more for trading advantage.

Take the storm elsewhere.
By retracing its own roots of problematic origins, other business avenues of unexpected demands tend to surface.

All the talk on reforming departments and streamlining operations within a company are but mere considerations of redefining orders – often encountering time lapses – with balance sheets that remains positively elusive.

Momentums of designing a financial climate is as credible to a CEO as it is to any lay men, so as to consult upon different point of references for shared awareness/accountability.

The system is in place, its stocks, warts and all.

Credit ratings for corporations within a specific industry then could be awarded not only for astronomical track records, but also for resilience levels during business operations that run on empty-capsuled time releases.
The CEO summons inspection trips to covering envoys and to sell company’s warrants, bonds, trust funds and equities by collating indices/guidelines of demands.

Cascading instructions is smoother across industries and regions, as more critical consensus emerge for audit itemizations.

On the legal juxtapose this CEO be surpassing, many realtime technical switches and defaults for further justifications and independent reviews, based on the applicable constitutions.

As organizations in Asia Pacific carves and bores the framework for countries like Australia, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore involving industries of Technology, Education, Agriculture and Oil & Gas whilst in Greater Asia, the time zone sets from Russia to Mongolia, Nepal, India and Afghanistan, ultimately into Turkey.

How far the banking and finance plans will segment and settle at crossroads before Forex business returns and other relevant trade & commerce stabilizes for the Eurozone, is yet to be viably market-driven.
For example in Luxembourg, per spoken in class during a law, economics and finance course, teaching every individual is important to us and has a part to play – which eventually adds up to an organisation’s overall business image.

9 in 10 do agree to this being an ideal choice of business principle, according to analysts.

In reality however, for example as taught in Helsinki’s Aalto University, the same business scenario highlights on campaigns like “Made in Aalto: Flying High with Angry Birds” that which invokes the question if the message is directed to provider or subscriber, that we all know.

Statistically, a wired tracking system to run businesses is a CEO’s winning formula – from running a business feud into episodic opportunities, and to intra-industrial exchanges of mutual benevolence and mastering best practices to supply chain and stockpiling, like never seen before.


Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.

Corporate Leadership Fails: Risk Averse or Advantage

Could an organizational symbolic gesture be an epic to emulate – by serious entrepreneurs, traditional businesses or even skeptical financial experts – considering it a corporate culture?

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

Throughout year 2010, every single day without fail, CEO of Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg donned a tie in public, in swap his hooded campus sweater.

Otherwise an exorbitantly expensive price to pay should his transitionary public image fail to favorably take off; dramatically it paid off.

What started out an underperforming year for his Nasdaq-listed company then resulted in positive economic returns.

Greatly encouraged by the fortunate stroke, Mark moved onto the “Year of Books” concept for 2015, whereby he shares books read by him, his findings and takes on recommendations from his trusted friends.

Cross-fertilizing an intrinsic message – for the love of literary works and enhanced attitudes towards lifelong learning – by and large, that of a successful, self-styled corporate governance by example is evidently at play.

Apparently, Mark had drawn a revolutionary corporate standard second to none.

Not only in the boardroom but also in practice, he is highly respected by peers his age.

Question is, is the CEO playing by traditional rules?

Implications from such behavioral images may indirectly cause social consequences.

Understandably so, it is the cyber age of information technology we find boys on Facebook, girls on Wechat, dads on Linked In and moms on Twitter.

A leader; how phenomenal a trigger cause to a company’s stock performance; must still hedge certain onuses of improvements to mitigate past year’s earnings.

Reiterated by high interest from constant stakeholders expectancy is the strategic approach to capital markets and public bourses, by leaderships of strong charisma.

Firstly, alliances forged by public relations need upping the ante – to identify confounding factors within fail-safe financial mechanisms, to blanket wholesome conditions-creating banking stimulus from disruptive technologies, to present randomized trial version results for interactive stakeholders role in state of finance and to technically analyze yield curves post-trajections.

Secondly, the new normal of an equitable indices performance could be termed as “test driven” or “time amplify” instead of the overused “wait and see” or “come what may”.

The question of means and ends.

Responsible investors place emphasis; albeit scourges for indicative intricacies – identify and compare “realistic quotients” regularized by CEOs and their capabilities to translate decisions from board room onto ground staff level.

And we all know, the properties of true leaderships are not born nor bred; rather gifted.

Apparently, considering in-phase accordance to trendy public policies, designing a corporate culture has shown impeccable results, and in itself a self-sustaining trade.

Besides the hard and fast rules of corporate governance, investment loyalty per capita from stake-holdings are matters of corporate governance.

If one incubates that notion in a sanitarium of preposterous investors dynamics, the rules of engagements may encounter disorients – an attitude towards uncalled-for scenarios.

Deliberated timelines of qualitative research need establish leading points of observations, not only conceptualizing blueprints but also pragmatist engines running and managing project assignments – from running on empty to stellar POS ringings/sales team cheers – a heavenly depict of a fantastic workplace.

No affirmative organizational direction?

Until recently, if anything that urges the motion from loss of normative practice codes aka ‘Shine off the Rhine’ is a CEO’s job.

Headlines splashed across front pages and public company’s leadership watchmen goes, “What happened? How could it be?”

In extreme cases, corporate governance no longer dissipates exuberance, plus every unthinkable pessimisms with yield-to-date; then span of influence covered by a board room’s veto reigns.


Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Phillips Securities and Mediacorp Radio.

Asia In A Doubtful Future

Differing school of thoughts could singularize a major into Asia’s future or a mojo out the technology-driven economic slums.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

Come Sunday, Greece’s stand to bailout from the EU will surface, either on the basis of available options to refinance the €317 billion debt, or succumb to considerations aligning an economy by its own foreign currency.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is under great pressure given the 2 days to adjust and alter decisions into the much anticipated weekend’s referendum.

After the stepping down of ex-Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, the successor 55-year old Euclid Tsakalotos takes over the mission impossible of reigniting an economy in recession, reconsidering the EU/IMF $8.9bn bailout program and reengineering the socio-political infrastructure – a measure which includes tax increments, pension schemes and tourism businesses.

The latest development made by the latter is counting on Washington’s pressure to debt relief, while the issue of debt sustainability is still on the trailer cue cards.

Greece is a 11.12 million populated Mediterranean country with a long, elaborate Renaissance.

Urging on optimistic efforts 6-7 years further into problems that persisted banking state of emergency ahead of times – for the past five-month deadlock between Greece and its lenders – sees no sure-fire ‘Grexit’ from the Eurozone.

Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel, who is apparently aware of her country’s credit of €68 billion – the biggest sum borrowed to Greece – whilst in representing the EU leaders has demonstrated serious precautions before the report releases on Sunday.

Audible proposals kickstarting from escalation of vested interests to proliferation of crises could otherwise plausibly commence, according to observers.

From the business and trade point of view, alternating factors could initiate the doubling of price earnings and illustrations via “incentivized investigatives”, a furtherance to the policy of full, surmounting debts disclosures.

Feasibly, a legitimate deal surpassing an intact set of EU banking standards and practices, could face rates respite due to the dwindling state of Greece’s bailout resources.

Distributary channels experiencing increasing trade tariffs pre-delivery of operational quotas, points to the likelihood of closing trades limited within Eurozone – a hint to compromised goods/service price sensitivities – despite lack of import/export statistics.

One could consider, by itemizing flexibly, avoidable trade components into the total economic quotation, the ‘sense of urgency’ stipulated by EU’s regional businesses may be aggravated – hence denominating empirical trades.

As the Greece turmoil led to global stock markets fluctuations across every inherent fundamentals, a few experts still view a 50-50 chance for European Union’s political recovery before October this year.

Earlier in April 2015, the 26th ASEAN Summit held in Malaysia had hosted to 10 member states in high-key meetings that presided issues on the impact of financial crisis, economic slowdown, trans-border security and global terrorism; amongst others.

Assigning references to various roles and initiatives to be undertaken, the senior officials contemplated upon a systems parody by the common shared responsibility and problem solving functions, evidently displayed when the region was shaken by the Rohingya refugees issue, 1MDB scandal and repercussions from impact of the Greece banks bailout.

According to observers, those functions equate market support measures, into the underlying and entrenching subsidiary platforms that runs in parallel to the global standards of a sustainable economy.

After all this time, international trade is still into the engagement of rescuing eroded interests due to unnecessary cuts into trade surplus, hence the cast to fresher perspectives for strategic purposes of spreading investment risks.

Hence the pre-occupation by regional business solicits as safety measures, in addition to micro-management costs of contracting and procurement applications such as Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines and Papua.

Primarily, the novelty of schooling business bilingualism at progressive rates for common, daily use – the challenge remains ahead on managing an emerging Asia’s mutual future of fixed and variable assets – considering past showings of employment rates and subsidiary job search services, technological thrust ratio and process costings/procedures.

And time marches on for Asia in scaling new heights into its own uncertain future, with or without socio-economic catalysts.

~ AS

Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.

No Warnings from Cyber Attacks

In the design of embedded security systems functioning to be assets not liabilities, the permitted triage projections needs surpass product beneficiary performance, otherwise deprecating the systems sustainable rating.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

If at all global IT security professionals are anticipating a major blowout to the incumbent security challenges, there is strong likelihood they may be disappointed.

One reason being, as innovative solutions develop at exponential rates, and obsolete is too late to mention by emerging policy makers within the industry who are in perpetual tools deficit; let alone initiate compete within security ecosystems.

The high strategic role of domain users are limited, when stealthy pilferages of breakthrough web and software security products could underplay key challenges to an organization.

Cyber attacks that occur due to this uniquely strategic operational platform could only be entrusted watch by a dedicated information security server.

And the mission to emphasize public safety during investigative processes of identifying hacking crimes could possibly permute into more complex security risks.

It’s all in the design.

In the design of embedded security systems functioning as assets not liabilities, the permitted triage projections needs surpass product beneficiary performance, otherwise deprecating the systems sustainable rating.

Recognizing the importance of equal access to optimal applications, systems designers in question stumbled upon harder grounds with engendering industrial role to articulate and encounter the master hacker’s play tactics.

Harmonizing design precedence with military operations – for aerospace research and development purposes, cloud computing defense needs, creating new parameters for systems valuation within the contemporary IT security world – looks set to observe price levels per commodified by the options market.

In the short term, rigorously on par with the diminishing role of cyber security taking credit for successful operations/exercises, but for the long term the US-Russia ‘Star Wars’ program remains an expectable client requirement.

Since 1998, nobody knows for sure if product demonstrations by cyber patrol services distinguished much prolific returns, now meagerly investing its past reputation into often-overlooked accreditation references – a digress from its cyber cop image of reliance.

Frankly, the problem substantiates.

Present media focuses long onto the effectiveness of cyber security and redundant IT pre-literacy, but not on empowering social responsibility in applications.

Customer demands from the IT security industry in 5 years may recall upon strategic partnerships to forging transparent working collaborations across countries, so to address future challenges.

Banking hopes upon easily available phone apps capable of acquiring secured data and detailed information gathered from the ethereal, the inherent frailty poses its own viral-effect version of security threats and putting a tag to it.

Stepping up operational support from assumed intelligence protocols in securing supply lines could consider the elements of well resourced domains for procuring detailed information.

But forensics could only reveal limited clues for optimal surveillance campaigns if advanced malicious tools and techniques supersede the disclosed applications.

Economizing exposures to phishing and spam malware sleuthing could offer better industrial leverage for a leaner development of enforcement mechanisms, higher tech back up plans deployment and stronger usage on customer based users interface.

An IT crisis management system policing installed with favorable public profile, the first thing that deters hacking would be the “law of scarcity” from liberal internet abuse.

Establishing an IT infrastructure during this century encompassing all information boundaries is still possible, but only if firewall securitizing and segmented connectivity score on cyber resilience and competency.

Ultimately, policing and minimizing risks of cyber attacks in 6 out of 10 cases could result with the most preferred web filtering program.

~ AS

Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.

Communication is a Manager’s Trump Card

Instructional lines of communication could complicate delivery of service, if not in consonant with scheduled timelines.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

Entrepreneurs, PMEBs and Managers are categorized to acquire standard communications and intra-personal skill-sets, added with an identifiable ‘sense of importance’ to delegate messages across to recipients.

Failure in requirement leads to a ‘who says what’ situation.

One who is equipped with communications levels that enables satisfactory concurrence with reliability and effectiveness from work subordinates, is said to be a minimum operational leader.

Anything that which charismatically moves mountains and takes clouds off the skies is even better – a gifted, oratorical leader.

During dismounting moments, managers may find themselves at loggerheads with ground level staff in circumstances referred as ‘chicken and duck’.

And then the Asian colloquial repertoire goes, “How can you compare apples to oranges.”

Automated responses to inaccessible issues by causation duress and ‘fraudulent slips’ may continually materialize into unnecessary security risks.

A single misinformation may ripple effect to a massive repercussion.

A mistake would mean hundreds and thousands in monetary losses by discrepancies in production.

So just how can one tell them when a manager’s instructions carry weight or otherwise encounter credibility issues?

The programmable approach to a manager is of utmost importance; some of which may filter through considerable bureaucracies.

Every organization operates by a standard set of communication infrastructure ultimately aimed to unleash impactful messages from normative forms.

It also applies an ‘amoebic effect’ upon the manager, when communication breaks down or communication blacks out, due to unparalleled communications scenarios.

The proxy solution to the problem needs to be economically conducive.

Communication leadership is based on visions. And visions need to be interpreted onto workable templates.

Subsequently, returns from value chains of communications will have to portray a technical feat humanly accomplishable.

It is unrealistic to process critical consensus without certain existence of risks, but past experiences could undermine the true reflections of proper accountings derived from an exchange in communication.

To hear it ‘straight from the horses mouth’ equates to gathering data from experimental results for regulatory enforcements.

One has to keep the communication lines tightly secured.

These days, nurturing future leadership talents need account the factors of role plays based on the state of varying comprehensible degrees.

Meagre results based on the character backgrounds gathered from the existing pool of management trainee potentials may point to possible sub-standard expectations – their inexperienced handling of real life cases, inability to conform with equitable meritocracy and incapacitated responses to Marchevellian-styled administrations.

Nevertheless, these instances of multiple role plays however fail to achieve milestones that are quantifiable, taxable and non-deficiting – in tangible forms unless digitized speech-to-credits system is created.

Operable remoteness of communication without proper empowerment equates to implanting efficient vitality for an organizational success – less words spoken, more work done.

A perfect manager who earns the Trump card is almost elusive, but a communication message that disseminates across all departments with measurable returns is attainable.

~ AS

Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.