Governance in Question

As opposed to the worst case scenario in corporate governance, one might review the current global affairs to be a ‘bona fide’.

By Ellysutra Sulaiman

Too often, carbon copy displays of governance protocols are complimented after influential trade conglomerates instead of the corporate competitiveness as practiced by leading industries.

Oscillating the corporate world with real time processes of problem solving, policy defining and decision making are a dynamic breed of fat cats, or so thought by a common man on the street not even known why.

As we momentarily delve into this mystical realm popularly believed to be of highly-grossed CEO annual income and swanky-marbled floors of its board rooms, we are further intrigued by the trends of Atlantic-crossings on a ridiculously minimalistic air balloon, trigger-happy executive TV shows and down-dressings in high profile public appearances.

Be the guess which CEOs per attributed.

Big ticket executive cat-and-mouse chases to board level experiences seemed to have taken an unexpected twist to the whole story.

The resultant situation here in Asia reveals a mere glimpse of impactful resource management still elusive to the advancements of technologies, yet considered to be strategically installed.

Engagement rules and processes that modifies the way board directors focus on governance matters have led to a flexibly collective system by exploring various discourses.

More in-depth knowledge are inexplicably implied as behaviors in the paths of discussion takes on unanticipated turns when challenging a single-contesting opinion.

In India, an elected board director could unabashedly drag on his usual rants of problems with the incumbent management, until he re-invents self-approach by highlighting what insights he already half-knew to the further requirements of ground reports.

Unparalleled perspectives on a questionable footing, he fully understood the concerns of a governance that moves the motion in the board room to re-ignite solution formulas.

Juggernauting maverick entry points into board room debates may be his thing, but aligning regulatory standards may be just as considerably difficult in finding.

The only way in settling matters is to march them all to the board room, under those watchful eyes of silhouetted checks and balances.

Nothing could go wrong when common interests are at an all-time high.

And time is of an essence for the CEO and his team, holding accountability for a largely staffed corporation and fundamentally sensitive stake holders.

Impending problems emerging, problems at hand refuting.

The board room yearns for a Jerry Seinfeld calibre to sit in and remind them all that ‘Every dog will have its day’.

By January 2015, market surveillance and competitive intelligence reports ushered in by the Law of Numbers Game showed no economic improvements and favorable returns of investments during dull industrial seasons.

Reasons are clear.

The hierarchy that exists within a corporation is solely meant to exercise optimum effectiveness with its structural change management.

There is a proverb saying in Malay that goes, “Lidah tidak bertulang” meaning “The boneless tongue” inferring to special circumstances verily capable to summon oratorical attention towards an objective in mind.

By meaning of structural, the top-down or bottom-up approach to the hierarchical format within a corporate body may or may not necessarily generate interests to conclusive bottom lines.

Literally, a long and many winding road is laid sprawling before a GPS-equipped corporate governance traveller, inquisitive if his ‘irrational exuberance’ to bite-sized travels will experience a pay cut.

Any persists with salvaging the available resources, environmental sustainability and human capital that were left almost barren, the much banked upon platform like none other with every economic mechanisms is recommended be in order, priorly be put to the litmus test.

Consequentially bereft of an unilaterally-optimistic morale system, motivating the working class becomes an empirical task, the board room struggles in evade of situational stalemates whilst validating the systematic blueprint.

The board room meeting table is overloaded with meeting minutes and instruction plans,

Templates and regulations are to be measured for readjustments.

Public policies are reconsidered.

Game plans reenergized.

With the absence of an alternative catalyst to perfectly pitch the practice of human drivers to a successful board room, dependency to an effective chairperson is heightened.

If at all productivity stages appear non-regulated, control options to be considered will then face unforeseen failings.

By now, a leadership discourse could be seriously considered as key to corporate governance, that illustrates almost half of the equation.


Ellysutra Sulaiman is an independent industry commentator and the author of adventure novels ‘Aces High @ 23 Wall Street’ and ‘F-A-M-E ‘ze Great’. He has worked for Singapore Police Force, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Phillips Securities.


Here the police on break, There the police at watch

Seriously, will the world bust away the mere sight of the grimacing police inspector, fresh out of the academy?

Article written by Ellysutra Sulaiman

That is the rookie cop.

And he is meant to draw salvation unto the crime ridden neighborhood, ala police recruitment campaigns?

With no experience, no ground knowledge, no intelligence and critically, no sharpened, attuned mindset not simply shaken by circumstances, stirred by spur of the moment, finger shivering at the trigger tip on Glock 0.19mm fully loaded; his only chance identifying his calling without fear or favor.

For in shorts, he may not be ‘Mr Jack Flash’, or as some may call ‘Johnny On The Spot’.

But naysay his deploy of handy streetcraft skills equipped with all possibly imagined disruptive technologies to deter a crime.

Exactly, had the people perceived him otherwise, away from his universal action of Will Smith’s ‘Bad Boys’ movie, onto the real accounts of legally warranted police work, people have been greviously wronged.


There in the backstreets laid frozen in time, an incumbent possibly empowered by ghostly protocols too slick, non-leaked even to the pin-drop precision of key witnesses from covert intelligence.

Plausibly reading off the Community Crime Index (CCI) like some community volunteers patrolling the streets performing routine beats exercising rights to personal defense, public duty of care and public restraint (arrest); the newsread as follows, “Today’s CCI shows Snatch Theft is declining down by 3 cases from last weekend’s 10 cases. Crime experts said this is mainly due to the media release by new mobile apps in the market with improved tracking capabilities to locating mobile phones and electronics devices. And up by 4 complaints this week are Noise Pollution post-10pm caused by skateboarders hanging outside the shopping malls after catching ‘live screenings’ of Street League Championship hosted by organiser Rob Derdyk..”

The public needed confidence and the more well informed they are of their neighborhood safety statistics, the more peace of mind they are rested with.

But that is just half of the story told.

What is quietly bubbling in the boiling cauldron of trouble are money laundering, cross border hooliganisms, illegal weapons smuggling, human trade, narcotics sophistications, global terror networking, religious occults sedition, commercial piracy, intellectual property contraventions and humanity moral erosions.

Dear God Almighty, please forgive our sins and save us from your wrath.

And so, the following form the legitimate drill in combating the situation.

The lists include highly-observed government statuettes and state ordinances, revised version of police orders, studies on criminal law, police general orders, standard operating procedures, rigorous investigation papers, community policing and high police presence.

All the above duties will be in Police Land Divisions, Criminal Investigations Department, Special Operations Command, Security Branch, Traffic Department and the STAR Team.

Somewhat, take for example in the Republic of Singapore, national level enforcements are delegated to The Singapore Police Force, Central Narcotics Bureau, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, Ministry of Manpower, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Internal Security Department and Singapore Customs.

In stepping up the game to world policing involvements from International Cooperation Department (ICD), Singapore has recently established the INTERPOL Singapore.

It is a designated point of contact on transnational police matters for the INTERPOL General Secretariat, INTERPOL regional offices and all INTERPOL member countries.

By serving as a gateway for the exchange of information, INTERPOL Singapore promotes cooperation and facilities communication between law enforcement agencies  in Singapore and their foreign counterparts.

Recently, the INTERPOL World Forum on 14-16 April 2015 was held in Singapore; an event consisting of 3 days of Expo and Congress aimed to create a platform for the security industry, law enforcement and government agencies to greater partnerships and continuous innovation of systems advancements.

Over 8,000 participants and 200 companies from 30 countries were involved in the forum that focused on emerging security challenges namely, border management, cybercrime, safe cities and supply chain management.

INTERPOL President Mireille Ballestrazzi quoted, “INTERPOL World provides a unique opportunity to mobilize countries, international and regional organizations, and public and private partners, by sharing expertise and experiences, and thereby identify and develop innovative initiatives against global security challenges.”

Meanwhile on the deployment grounds, an officer is on guard as he covers for another officer taking his break.

Perpetually, security is at watch.

The writer has experiences working with Singapore Police Force, Soverus Security, Phillip Securities, Singapore International Monetary Exchange, Singapore Exchange, Mediacorp Radio and Strumm’s Entertainment.

Bull’s Eye into Best BPM Practices

Adopting sure fire techniques for optimum productivity results does not equate to an inertia unto overall systems fails.

article witten by Ellysutra Sulaiman

Blonde, ponytailed CEO in casual white tees, blue jeans and snake skinned boots stepped into the board room; an urgent call for the meeting as his dark eagle eyes roamed for executive excuses to snooze in shady corners, nor yes-men masqueraders.

The entire job/assignment systems in place needed ad-hoc review.

The different departments directly/indirectly designated needed to demonstrate more staff comitment.

The collateral derivatives to project results require a nudge reform for reflections.

And most of all, the ‘Bullet With No Name’ straying in space needed landing protocols decisively, or should a homing device be inevitably considered.

Having thrown his cards, the maverick CEO reclined back, dunked both feet onto the table, snipped off and lighted his piece of Monte Cristo, invading the board room breathing capacity briskly.

He phased well the transition his staff were experiencing; he merely repositioned alignment of the meeting’s focus tantamount as in any other corporate business and away from the popular belief, with the belief that if he was any typical, any stranger from catalytic function of ‘The Man On The Moon’, he would gladly step down from position.

In fact, in reclined, he was already sightseeing in a Goa Escapade.

The systems in order needed a boost to its Survivability Quotient.

It is plain sense knowing one DO NOT overuse common tools for example, knives without sending them for earnest sharpening routinely, or even randomly for inspection purposes.

Processes undergoing rigorous uses could have gone either way; growth in productivity or insubordinately, squirelling in circles meant to stretch payroll timelines.

The above were not means, but ends to a pre-selected change management approach.

Risk-aversed methodologies that could possibly be considered, in order to downplay monitoring redundancy, are referrals to previous research studies on process inertias caused by goal-setting fails and scaling the systems choreography from 1-10.

Familiarly, the CEO constructed his visions and comfortably, his staff evaluated those visions.

The human capital is a fragile subject matter of a darling appeal.

How and why?

On a number of occasions, the announcement of corporate statistics may subjectively be inferred for the mid/long term corporate projections.

After all, indicators may model the simulation of a BPM health check if not however, the message receptors ‘tell even before a kiss’.

Market sentiments against industrial morale.

Deprecating optimal solutions technically designed to be game changers had then led to a stiffer vertical resistance.

The dependency state of BPM could be a natural, subjugated phenomenon often underhandedly consorted to freeloadings of intellectual property, industrial manuals and other irrelevant pilferages of manufacturing/supply chain budget.

And we all know, as any top Jamaican sprinters would tell you; the ‘Plateau Effect’ of any systems fitness as to a BPM progress curves could be athletically managed.

On other fronts, involving recent applications and various platforms, the philosophies of BPM had also been deciphered during the 8th APAC Business Research Conference 9-10 February 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.

That conference was sponsored by eight international peer reviewed journals indexed by Cabell’s, Ulrich, EBSCO of USA and ERA of Australia and five of them ranked by Australian Business Dean Council (ABDC). Some of those journals had been in the process of indexing by Scopus.

The conference was also sponsored by the two international organisations such as World Business Institute, Australia, and American Research and Publications International, USA.

In Tokyo on 28-29 May 2015, The ICBM 2015: 17th International Conference on Business and Management aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Business and Management. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Business and Management.

Interestingly last April 15, 2015 in Moscow the “BPM Day” had been celebrated in conjuction with a conference is being organized by TAdviser – the expert center for the automation of business in Russia.

The following main topics that had been discussed during the conference were the BPM market in Russia: volume and key suppliers, when is BPM needed and when is it not necessary, the Integration of BPM with ECM systems: main problems, visual design of business processes: available tools, BPM and analytics and forecasts for the market development.

What deemed to be The World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives, seemed to be held in Dubai, UAE this coming 19-21 May 2015, and of course in Goa, India on the 2-5 November 2015.

The CEO realised his cigar had self extinguished, for in amazement he had hardly taken a puff.

Springing onto his two feet and flipping thumbs up to a couple of his staff who were going to longboard training later that evening with him, he picked up a call from Alto Pato; another CEO comrade just asking to know if their other close aide would be skateboarding to his office in the White House the next day.

Just like that, the CEO quietly stepped out the board room.

Alexander Solomon the Business

AS Corpident

Alexander Solomon ACRA 53171400D is a Singapore registered entertainment/business solutions provider engaged for the APAC region. Our cross media platforms consisting of productions, publishing and scaled events are designed to communicate client’s interests and leverage positive ROIs.

We have experiences working with various corporations, schools, institutions and governmental establishments across different economic sectors. Our founder and producer-presenter Ellysutra Sulaiman, has some 20 years of coallated experiences with Singapore Police Force(SPF), Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX), Singapore Exchange (SGX), Philip Securities and Mediacorp Radio.


For Public Release

22 November 2011, Saturday

Dear friends and associates,

RE: Release of Novel ACES HIGH @ 23 WALL STREET

Our team is very pleased to announce the release of ACES HIGH @ 23 WALL STREET the novel. “The Mafia-driven Wall Street had bankrupted Jim Hayes. Back from World War 2, he retrieved all he had lost.”

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Details of the novel are as follows.

ACES HIGH @ 23 WALL STREET by Alexander Solomon

ISBN: 978-9810859473

Project Summary:*F-A-M-E* ‘ze GREAT

Authored by Alexander Solomon

List Price: $17.30

Black & White on Cream paper

384 pages

Aces High @ 23 Wall Street

ISBN-13: 978-9810859473 ISBN-10: 9810859473

BISAC: Fiction / Action & Adventure

Wall Street’s top stockbroker Jim Hayes was implicated into dealings with Al Capone, the highly-feared Don of the Mafia underworld. He faced divorce and bankruptcy when the volatile New York Stock Exchange suffered a pre-World War 2 financial panic. Piloting the Mustang-51 warbird against the elusive Kamikaze fighters, Jim had blacked out during aerial battle. To retrieve all those he had lost – money, family and reputation – Jim Hayes must survive!

Release Date: 22 Nov 2011

Country of Release: Singapore

We hope you enjoy reading the novel as much as we have enjoyed publishing it.

Best regards, Ellysutra Sulaiman


*F-A-M-E* ‘ze GREAT

For Immediate Release

2nd November 2011, Wednesday

Dear friends and associates,

RE: Release of Novel *F-A-M-E* ‘ze GREAT

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Our team is very pleased to announce  the release of *F-A-M-E* ‘ze GREAT the novel.

Details of the novel are as follows.

*F-A-M-E* ‘ze GREAT by Alexander Solomon
ISBN-13: 978-9810895457
Project Summary:
*F-A-M-E* ‘ze GREAT
Authored by Alexander Solomon

List Price: $17.60
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
280 pages
Alexander Solomon
ISBN-13: 978-9810895457
ISBN-10: 9810895453
BISAC: Fiction / Action & Adventure
Under depression, Lieutenant Zachary Elliott the squad leader to a top secret elite force called *F-A-M-E* had harbored an intent to save his soldiers whom he believed to have survived an extra-terrestrial attack while they were on the Nigerian Operation Threadstar.

Aware that Mio Guerrillas were not their only enemy, the US Military had engaged the services of Harvard University professors whom called upon a Master Hypnotist to confront the alien.

Lieutenant Zachary got his break from his General after his Court-Martial proceedings, formed a substitute *F-A-M-E* squad and returned to the operation rendezvous.

Unimaginable dangers from Sandman the alien being and the brutal Mio Guerrillas awaited *F-A-M-E*.


Release Date: 2nd Nov 2011

Country of Release: Singapore


We hope you enjoy reading the novel as much as we have enjoyed publishing it.

Best regards,

Ellysutra Sulaiman



Change of Corporate Colors

 For Immediate Release

 16 May 2011, Monday


Dear friends and associates

RE: Change of Corporate Colors

Our management team is pleased to announce the change in the colors of our corporate identity. Our new logo is as above.

It is chosen for its simplicity in color scheme, black against the white background. It not only symbolizes the concept of creativity, the color match the official importance of Alexander Solomon endeavors in living up to the expectations of the new economy gained from MICE industry.

The Pegasus remained from the previous logo. Not only will they represent strengths and resilience of the company, they also exemplify the trust and seal of regal nature in business principles.

We look forward to the new corporate identity to serve Alexander Solomon well bearing its own mark of establishment within the tumultuous commerce era well into the near future of global excellence.

Best regards,

Ellysutra Sulaiman


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