Swift | 5 January 2023, Thursday

Isnt there stagflation with technology to bargain but if prime accounts such as senior debts positioned at stakes being leveraged at costs of misvaluations?

Honor of contract is as valiant a trader at acute volatilities time window of markets.

Evading repercussions to call-put options, the testbeds are pre-ordained henceforth, otherwise the infrastructural depreciation penalises unto post-identified currencies mistriggers.

Season earnings may stick up against the price actions at overvalued assets.” reply by ASR to article posting “Yen breaks 130 per dollar to sit at seven-month high” on The Jakarta Post fanpage, January 5, 2023.


Swift | 3 January 2023, Tuesday

“Bank of Japan to avoid its ultra-easy policy according to speculators, when Yen is at 6-month high, only points at the populist forex practices that shift tradings due to misvaluation of counters.” reply by Alexander Solomon Report onto article “Dollar subdued ahead of Fed minutes, yen at 6-mth high” as posted on The Jakarta Post fanpage January 3, 2022.