Company News | ASR – “Petualang Nusantara” Zoom Meeting

Archipelago ancient maritime e-commerce project “Petualang Nusantara” trans. “Archipelagean Adventures” by Alexander Solomon Report congratulates the following participants into the esteemed project discussions.

[Top left clockwise]

  1. Ms Suhaily Abdul Hamid, Iskandar Regional Development Authority, Malaysia.

2. Mr. Ellysutra Sulaiman @ Alexander Solomon, Alexander Solomon Report, Singapore

3. Ms Elmi CK Ong, Matahati, Indonesia

4. Mr Asisi Suharianto, Asisi Channel, Indonesia

Amongst mentioned during the discussion were regional unity based on shared histories, e-commerce opportunities leveraging on current media infotech, trading commodities of interests, unicorn workspaces and other related regional business community empowering programs.

The project looks forward to more opportunities on this open discussions platform for future participants to benefit with greater awareness and heightened prospects from geo-economic experiential systems on promotions.



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